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  • karjunkie 07/22/09 8:30 am PST

    I believe there is a Ford recall on the FPDM for your year and model. Go to the Edmunds.com webpage and click on “tips and advice” button. Then click on the car maintenance button. Here is the specific site:


    Enter your year make and model and the mileage and your zip code. You will see all recalls and technical service bulletins there. These are the problems that have been identified for your vehicle. If a recall has been issued, the work will be done for free.

  • eyilmaz 09/22/09 8:54 am PST

    I just found mine. My car is 2000 station wagon. On my car it is behind inside wall where small compartment is at the passenger side in upper storage area, near rear wheel. You need to remove plastic panel where the small compartment is located. You will see inertia cutt-off switch behind the pane. Module is behind the switch.


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