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  • MrShift@Edmunds 01/15/09 1:01 pm PST

    It's in the fuel tank.


    Battery ground cable.
    Loosen fuel filler cap and drain fuel.

    1. Disconnect the fuel tank wiring connectors from fuel tank.
    2. Disconnect the EVAP fuel line from fuel tank.
    3. Remove fuel filler and air breather hose
    4. Remove feed and return fuel lines
    5. Remove fuel tank
    6. Remove the fuel pump assembly fixing screws and pull the fuel pump assembly up.


    1. Install fuel pump assembly
    2. Install fuel tank

      • Tighten the fuel tank fixing nuts to specified torque.

    Torque: 36 Nm (27 lb.ft.)
    1. Install feed and return fuel lines
    2. Install fuel filler and air breather hose
    3. Install EVAP fuel line
    4. Install wiring connector

  • lilamigomomma 03/27/09 7:13 pm PST

    You will find your fuel pump in side the gas tank, I'm not real sure if yours is like mind but their is usually a flap door in the back just behind the back seat on the floor you have to pull up the covering on the floor. If their is no door their you will need to drop your gas tank to get to it. hope this helps you.

    Source: Owen a amigo


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