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  • MrShift@Edmunds 11/26/11 6:55 pm PST

    The Constant Control Relay Module (CCRM) is located at the LH front of the engine next to the air filter.

  • zx2stumped 10/11/12 11:38 am PST

    The CCRM is actually under the Air Filter Box, you will need to remove the entire box. There are three (3) bolts holding it in and the clamps that hold the filter box and the hose coming from the crankcase breather element. Be careful with the Air Box because it does hold the MAF sensor, so don't drop it. There will be two (2) small screws holding the CCRM, don't loose them. But first undo the bolt that secures the wire harness to the CCRM. It is a little "fun", but be careful not to loose the little screws.


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