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  • texases 10/15/13 1:15 pm PST

    It should look like a normal electrical cord with a three-prong plug. The ones I've seen often are bundled up near the radiator, so you can plug it in without popping the hood.

    Was it a factory option? If so it might be covered in your owners manual. You could also give the dealer a call.

  • Stever@Edmunds 10/15/13 1:37 pm PST

    Texases is right and I've read a couple of other posts over the years where the cord was buried near the install point.

    You may have to crawl underneath with a bright light, assuming there is a block heater installed in your truck.

    Often the 3 prong plug is capped with plastic too, and if the cord and cap are black, then it can be really tough to find them.


  • saxman915 12/10/13 12:46 am PST

    I just found mine today. The owners manual says under the fuse box on drivers side and after looking for a year assumed I didnt have one. Well I found it and its actually on the passenger side kind of behind and below your coolant reservoir. It will be tied up.


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