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  • tony78 04/25/09 10:46 pm PST

    The fuel filter is not located in the engine,,it is inside of the fuel tank.

    The fuel filter is connected to the fuel pump.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 04/26/09 11:49 am PST

    You might want to get a repair manual with diagrams for this, but here's what you have to do:

    1. Remove the fuel sender assembly (2) from the fuel tank.

    1. Disconnect the fuel pump and fuel level sensor electrical connectors.
    2. Compress the assembly spring and remove the E-clip from the guide post of the fuel sender assembly upper support.
    3. Release the lock tab of the fuel pump transfer jet tube and disconnect the tube from the lower housing.
    4. Release the two lock tabs securing the fuel pump and filter assembly to the lower housing.
    5. Separate the upper support and fuel pump filter assembly from the lower housing
    6. Disconnect the fuel pump electrical connector
    7. Use a screwdriver with a tape protected end in order to release the 5 lock tabs of the fuel pump strainer assembly..
    8. Remove the fuel pump from the fuel filter assembly .
    9. If replacing the fuel filter remove the fuel pressure regulator from the fuel filter assembly

  • kriscdi 01/10/11 7:26 pm PST

    All of the answers are partial right but here is the scope. DON'T listen to idiots that work for dealerships. These guys are book guys only, if your problem is outside the box, they will not know what to do. The Answer to your question is as follows:

    1st: There are 4 bolts that hold you rear seats in. They are located directely behind the drivers seats. (you can feel them with the back of your legs while sitting in the rear.) Once you have removed these 9/16 bolts, the rear seats will fold up. Now you will see a 9X4 piece of rubber right in the middle, pull it back and you will see 4 hex head phillips type bolts. Remove these, this is the cover plate for the Sending unit AND Filter. Then Follow the 2nd response on this page. YOU DO NOT NEED TO REMOVE THE FUEL TANK. Genvibe.com will give you the entire lilst of things to do. Just type in your questions and you will find the answer. One more thing if you do not know anything about cars don't do this. Just pay the money to have it done. Because messing something will cost you more money. Good Luck


  • kriscdi 01/10/11 7:32 pm PST

    Also if you are having a engine code PO170 this could be multiple things but my sister just had hers fixed and it was the intake gasket. They told her it was O2 sensor and Mass airflow sensor. It was none of these things. Just the Intake manifold gasket. I changed the fuel filter just to be safe because she has like 75,000 miles. Remember just because "they" say it maintence free does not mean maintence free. Good Luck I hope this helps.

    Source: genvibe.com


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