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  • jimfrer 05/18/09 6:14 pm PST

    I am having the same problem, and believe I have found the source. To get it running again temporarily, I prime the system by pushing on the primer button on top of the fuel filter housing (located passenger side under the hood) approximately a dozen times, WITHOUT opening the bleed valve (The button is silver and about 1 1/4" in diameter), then start the truck (may crank a little longer than normal), then immediatly jump out and pump the primer again with the engine running about the same amount of times. This can keep the truck running all day with no problem or until you shut it down the next time, but use caution because I have had it shut down again when going down the road also. My primer plunger is leaking around the base at the 3 screws that mount when I prime it (not extreme amount). I am suspecting this leak is possibly where the air is entering the system when running so am in the process of locating a new o-ring and installing it to see in fact if the is the answer.


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