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  • MrShift@Edmunds 07/16/09 7:12 pm PST

    Battery junction box, left side of engine (as you sit in the driver's seat), in the rear of the engine compartment.

  • dbny9 07/17/09 11:08 pm PST

    It is on the back side (reverse) of the fuse panel. To get to it, you have to unscrew the fuse panel with a hex bit. There are two screws at the top of the panel, and after you have removed them, you can pinch the tension tabs at the sides and pull the panel down and out. When you turn it over, YOU WILL FIND THE FUSE BURIED UNDER A MASS OF WIRES somewhere around the middle of the panel. Keep looking - it really is there. I just did this myself, and everything is now back to normal.

    Tip - bring a flashlight and lots of patience!


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