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  • nativecal 03/19/10 2:46 pm PST

    I would check first that all 5 (Yes! 5) tires have at least 32 Psi of air. If you past that test, then you may be in for bad news. Those sensors are located in the wheels (rims) and can be damaged when installing new tires. The 4Runner does not have a “reset” switch like some models do. All of the tests that you can do require a FACTORY OBDII scan tool, not a third party one from like Sears or Pep Boys. Those sensors each have a serial number and they are programmed into the ECM at the factory. Swapping wheels, low pressure in one wheel or a damaged sensor will cause your problem. Also, you may want to verify that the pressure does not very between tires (and spare) by more than 2 PSI as I have seen this cause the illumination of that light. Good Luck!

    By the way, the "tech" that is talking about that switch is talking about a very small button (about the size of an eraser head) located at the bottom of the steering wheel shaft towards the brake pedal in the plastic cowling cover (right about where your knee would be if stepping on the brake). That switch does not exist on the 4Runner.

  • gus79 03/19/10 5:26 pm PST


    Thanks for the reply. I am glad to know there isn't a reset button that I simply wasn't able to find.

    I was aware there was a chance -- maybe even a good chance -- the sensors were damaged when the new tires were put on. It would have been nice if the indicator light could be turned off, but I will just ignore it. It certainly isn't worth any money to get it fixed. The tires all have the same pressure and are over the 32psi bound.

    One thing both my Toyotos have that isn't worth a Damn is the MPG readout. From the time we bought them they have consistently showed on the order of 2 MPG above the actual MPG. In my opinion it is a negative feature to add some gimmick that doesn't work. I would assume the problem is with the sensor they use for the volume of gasoline used, since the odometer is pretty close. We have measured mile -- actually usually 10 with one mile markers -- here on the highways in New Mexico, so it is easy to check the accuracy of an odometer.

    Thanks again.

  • jaboi101 07/12/11 10:25 pm PST

    1. Turn on key to "Run" position.
    2. Press and hold TPMS reset button.
    3. After the TPMS warning symbol blinks 3 times, release button.
    4. Leave the key turned on for 6 minutes, DO NOT move the vehicle.
    5. Turn the key OFF, then to ON...TPMS warning symbol should come on, then go off after about 2 seconds.

    Before doing the TPMS reset, air your tires up to the desired pressure. The TPMS computer will record those pressures and then turn on the warning symbol whenever the tire pressure has a significant decrease.

    and the tpms switch is under the steering wheel and in front the air vent between ur legs


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