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  • zaken1 05/08/10 7:04 pm PST

    The fuel filter is underneath the car, on the driver's side, just in front of the rear wheel; between the fuel tank and the electric fuel pump. There is a metal shield covering it; which is held on by two or three bolts. Sometimes removing the left rear tire, and supporting the car on a jack stand will make it easier to access the filter. Briefly remove and reinstall the fuel tank cap before changing the fuel filter; in order to relieve any pressure that has built up in the tank. Be prepared to have fuel pour out of the line from the tank when the tank hose is disconnected; by having a golf tee or 8mm metal rod available to plug into the hose, in order to stop the leakage. A pair of vise grip pliers can also be used to crimp the hose; but that could cause the hose to crack; so using a plug is preferable. Installing a new set of spark plugs and cleaning the throttle body will also improve off idle throttle response.

  • morin2 05/08/10 11:03 pm PST

    A golf tee! I just learned a new trick - it makes sense because they are tapered. I've always used rubber stoppers, available in a variety of sizes at the hardware store. That's from my laboratory background - although I now see some usefulness to golfing!

  • zaken1 05/09/10 1:20 am PST

    Morin; golfing is also useful because; if your car overturns and you become trapped in it, you can break a window with one of the golf clubs and save yourself. (but you'd need to carry the clubs; or at least one of them, inside the car rather than in the trunk).


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