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  • karjunkie 07/08/09 3:49 pm PST

    Look under the drivers seat on the inside of the frame rail. Remove the clips and replace. The clip on the engine side of the filter (as opposed to the pump side) will need a quick disconnect release tool. You can find these at your local auto parts store. Put the tool on the output side of the filter, and push the tool toward the line, then, just pull the line off!
    Make sure you unbolt the filter housing piece or you will find the filter won't come out. There are two 13mm bolts directly under the frame rail holding the housing in place.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 07/08/09 3:52 pm PST

    Should be under the car in the back. You may need to jack it up. Make SURE the Front of the vehicle is level with, or higher than the rear, or you could drain all your gas out.

    Vapor lock is very unlikely on modern fuel injected automobiles. I'd be more suspicious of fuel filter or fuel pump. Unless you check for fuel delivery during no start, you'll just be guessing.


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