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  • 0patience 06/06/08 8:35 pm PST

    The fuel pump relay is located on the pasenger side, in the engine compartment. Kind of forward of the strut tower. It may be marked MFI

    Power to the relay comes from fuse #12 & #11.
    Also, check fuse #14 & #19.

    Use a test light or volt meter and check power to the fuse cavities. If there is no power to the fuse cavity, then you will have to locate a blown fusible link in the relay box in the engine compartment.

  • tmrut0211 06/09/08 9:51 am PST

    I have taken the battery and tray out, as well as all of the air plenoms, and still not relay. Does anyone have any idea where the fuel pump relay is on this 93 Stealth? There are plenty of wire connectors, but no relays.

  • 0patience 06/09/08 2:38 pm PST

    On the passenger side of the engine compartment, just forward of the strut tower, you will find a lone connector. That is the fuel pump test connector. THe fuel pump relay should be right by it.

    Are you saying you can't find ANY relays? There must be at least 10 relays on the passenger side of the engine compartment on that vehicle. If you can't find the relays, I suggest you take the vehicle to someone who knows what they are doing.

  • okdlm 01/26/15 6:38 pm PST

    opatience, I am sure you know what you are talking about however I just looked at my 1992 because I am having issues with the gauge also and there is more than 1 connector plug around the strut tower. As for the fuse/relay box under the hood, the top of the box is marked and there is no obvious anything marked MFI in this area or on the fuse/relay box cover. Maybe a pic with a marker of where this is supposed to be might help a lot more than being insulting to the question asker! Just sayin' because again, I am having the issue also. The pump is working because the car starts and runs so it is likely a fuse for the gauge or loose connection in the dash maybe. Not all of us are experts and if we are on here asking, we don't have the money to take it to a mechanic. Thanks.


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