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  • sandman235 04/22/08 5:03 am PST

    from your compressor, there are two lines, the high side goes to the condenser (in front of the radiator) the low pressure side goes to the accumulator (by the firewall)

  • 77civic 05/08/08 2:43 pm PST

    If your not sure about which is the right one then you should take it to someone that does. Not so much that I think you will get hurt, but not adding the right charge could cause harm to the a/c system and that will cost more expense for you. First look at all your a/c line's. If any of them are sweaty with oil or have dirt around the connections. Then you have a leak and should be fixed. If all is good them look for the caps (BLUE) they should be marked with a L - H, meaning Low and High side. Please do not use only a low side pressure gauge! If your fans are not working you will overcharge the system. More things to worry about other than just adding Feon.

  • obyone 05/14/08 12:59 am PST

    The valves on the low and high side are different sizes. The manufacturers do this on purpose so that the hose you buy from Checkers will fit on only the low side.

    While refilling it with freon is a temporary solution be aware that the leak in your system, and there is a leak, will not go away and will get worse over time.

  • pappacaud 12/14/11 11:33 pm PST

    2001 Lincoln LS w/ V8, the low pressure AC connection is toward the front of motor down low on the drivers side. The easest way to access is removing panel towards the front side of the drivers front wheel well. Don't know why they put it there, but that is where I found it on my girlfriends 2001 LS


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