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  • 0patience 07/27/09 2:06 pm PST

    Ok, at the risk of makign this sound arrogant.....................
    Please take this to someone who knows what they are doing.

    The fact that you are asking this is good indication that you are not familiar with the A/C system. DIY recharge kits are accidents waiting to happen.

    If you recharge without finding the leak, you will have problems all over again.
    If you recharge and oil has leaked out and you don't install the appropriate amount of oil, you will destroy the compressor.
    If you recharge the system without evacuating the system with vacuum, it is possible that contamination may destroy the system. (read about A/C systems black death)

  • jerseygrldoc 07/27/09 5:23 pm PST

    Opatience: I do not think that not finding the low side port of an AC system is an indicator that I cannot perform a simple DIY task. The owner's manual does not provide a schematic identifying location of key engine components. I could not find anything free on the web.

    The engine of my vehicle is configured such that it is not easy to locate the AC components in order to trace the lines. In addition, 2 guys at 2 different auto parts stores were unable to find the port.

    By using much patience on a very hot day, I did manage to locate the port. It is about 12 inches below the larger port and closer to the cabin of the vehicle. It was not easy to reach the port. However, after several tries, I successfully recharged the system.

    In comparison, I recharged the VW Jetta in about 5 minutes total because the port was readily accessible and obvious.

    I think it would be more useful for you to either offer the location of the port, or just nor answer. Obviously, if someone is spending $25 on a recharge can and bothering to make internet inquiries, their A/C must not be working effectively. If the improved cooling lasts for only a short while, I for one would say that that was $25 well spent.

    If the system dies due to a DIY recharge, then it would probably cost the same amount to have it replaced as repaired. I did not see any cautions about ruining the A/C system on the can of refrigerant.

    If DIYers are so frightened by scare tactics from ppl like you, we will all become less and less self-sufficient.

    PS The next time a patient walks into my office to ask what they can do to help themselves, healthwise, I am NOT going to imply that by asking the question they obviously do not know the human body and they should just leave their healthcare to me.

  • 0patience 07/27/09 9:57 pm PST

    I kind of figured to get that response.
    But, anyone with any knowledge of the A/C system would be able to determine the high side and low side lines.

    If a person makes a mistake and tries to charge to the high side, the results can be devastating.

    Hense the reason for the caution.

    "If DIYers are so frightened by scare tactics from ppl like you, we will all become less and less self-sufficient."

    Ok, people like me are the ones who spend countless hours on sites like this helping people like you. It is very irritating to be chastised for telling someone that the proper and safe way is to have someone who KNOWS what they are doing, do the repair.

    "The owner's manual does not provide a schematic identifying location of key engine components. I could not find anything free on the web."

    Did you ever give consideration to there may be a reason for that?

    As I stated, DIY A/C recharge systems can sometimes do more damage than they are worth. Like that statement or not, it is a reality.

  • jerseygrldoc 07/28/09 7:54 am PST

    Opatience: It was not that I could not distinguish from the high and low side lines, I could not find the low side line. If you know this particular car engine, you know that the low side is tucked way down under and can only be reached with difficulty and a very thin arm!

    I do appreciate ppl like you who spend time answering questions on sites such as this. However, I feel that no answer would have been more valuable to me personally so that another person may have shared the information I sought.

    Do I think there is a reason that the low side port is so difficult to find? Do I think this is purposeful?  My answer: yes I do. I think it has very little to do with safety and very much to do with encouraging business at the dealership service department.

    To other readers: I do not require any additional assistance with my A/C. 

  • michael824m 07/10/11 9:48 am PST

    If the hose fits the port properly then that is the low side. The high side port is a lot bigger then the low side. If you had a manifold with both then you would have noticed the difference between them. I am EPA certified. The only thing not to do is to hold the can upside down you never recharge with oil.

  • carguy181 08/26/13 3:52 pm PST

    The location to this port IS NOT easy to find.


  • freyajae 06/15/14 10:14 pm PST

    Thank you, I couldn't find mine either, just the high side.


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