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  • jkugler 01/20/09 9:13 pm PST

    I had the same problem with my fathers 2001 chevy,I was looking for an hour, until I finally broke down and checked the manual, it said that there is no stick, and the fluid is good for 100,000 miles, no need to check unless leaking, take to dealer to have serviced, which I dont't agree with, there should be a stick! Check your manual you might be as dissapointed as i was, or maybe there really good at hiding maintance checks. Good Luck!

  • 0patience 01/21/09 3:40 pm PST

    Ensure the gearbox is cool. Apply hand brake and securely chock front and rear wheels.
    If lifting the vehicle, make sure the vehicle is supported with proper supports or safegaurds.
    Place a suitable container beneath gearbox.
    Clean area around oil filler/level and drain plugs.

    Fill gearbox with recommended oil to bottom of oil level/filler plug hole.
    Select 'P' (Park).
    Ensure hand brake is applied.
    Start engine and allow it to idle.
    Apply foot brake.
    Move selector lever through all gear positions, while continuing to fill gearbox. Select 'P' (Park).
    With engine idling, continue filling gearbox until a 2mm bead of oil runs from oil filler/level plug hole.
    Fit new sealing washer to automatic gearbox filler/level plug, fit plug and tighten to 30 Nm (22 lbs.ft) .
    Stop engine.
    Remove all traces of oil from gearbox casing.


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