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  • morin2 01/26/13 1:02 pm PST

    I would go to a well-respected independent shop (not the dealer or some national chain). It is generally considered poor form to bring your own parts to an independent shop. It also could backfire if they did accept your supplied part and it was problematic since you might not be able to return a damaged part or obtain a warranty. They may have good reasons for using a particular brand or supplier, and it may come with some warranty. It is part of the discussion you should have with the mechanic.

    When doing the work yourself, rockauto.com or your NAPA store would be reasonable choices.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 01/26/13 1:57 pm PST

    Not so fast. First off, you might not need a catalytic just because the light is on; second, you can't really bring your own parts to most repair shops, as they will not guarantee their work if you do that.

    I'd suggest that first of all you get a firm diagnosis that the catalytics (there are two of them) are bad, and depending on what that says, then go to an independent shop that is not a national chain store.

    I saw the catalytics online for about $625 apiece, so you'd best be darn sure they are bad.

    Rockauto doesn't list them.

  • texases 01/26/13 5:34 pm PST

    It's guaranteed 8yrs/80,000 miles - do you have more than 80k miles?

    And there's not a catalytic converter light, there's a light that says there's a problem somewhere in the system, it could well be one or more oxygen sensors, as has been said. I'd replace those first.


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