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  • karjunkie 05/06/09 8:25 am PST

    The 2004 Kia Sorento with 3.5L V6 has the spark plugs located under black plastic covers in the center channel of each cylinder head. Several brackets, cables, and hoses must be moved out of the way to access them. The manufold air intake tube needs to be removed on the right bank. The left cylinder bank has coil-on-plug assemblies while the right bank has more conventional spark plug caps with sealing assemblies to keep dirt/moisture out of the spark plug wells. The coil-packs are held with two 10mm bolts each and are difficult to get to. Use universal-joint sockets and an extension. The service manual indicates 2.5 hours to R/R spark plugs. The average do it yourself'er will usually take longer. All electrical plugs are color-coded and/or indexed so it's pretty difficult to screw it up. The cruise control actuator cable is in the way on the left bank. Twisting the cable elbow upright releases it from the actuator allowing it to be bent sideways to gain clearance. You do not, however, need to remove the fuel injection or any other major part.


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