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  • snoofy 11/13/08 10:37 pm PST

    There probably isn't one. This is one bad idea that GM came up several years ago. It is a sealed transmission and the idea is that if there is a problem, you have to take it to a shop/dealer for service. There is a drain and a fill hole in the transmission, and you almost need a lift to access them. If you can reach them, remove the fill plug and poke your finger inside and if you feel fluid just below the edge of the hole, then the level is adequate. This is how you would fill or refill the transmission.

  • calvind 11/16/08 12:32 pm PST

    there is no dipstick< the fluid has to pu in on the side of the transmission,,.if u need anymore advice email me @(calandvic1@yahoo.com)


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