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  • bpari005 01/21/08 7:48 pm PST

    right now the new hot technology is in the ford edge and is the microsoft based program called sync. I has connectivity for most bluetooth phones and also is capatible with Ipod and the new Zune for Microsoft. Also the whole system is voice activated with some very cool controls such as searching your ipod or zune by artist, playlist, genre, ect. If it works as well as they say then it will be awesome. Also the edge is famous for it's panoramic sun roof. That thing is like 5ftx2ft. Pretty cool check the sources link for the sync website.

    Source: http://syncmyride.com/default.aspx?User

  • autoboy16 03/30/08 9:35 am PST

    Your best best is to stay in the Acura family! Both the MDX and RDX offer all of these features! BMW is just starting nav-traffic, but non of their SUVs have a back up camera.

    The Upcoming Ford Flex has all of the features you've listed too!

    But If you need it SOON, the 04-06MDX has everything but Nav-traffic and the 07+MDX has everything you've listed.


    Source: acura.com, autotrader.com


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