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  • karjunkie 01/06/10 9:09 am PST

    Sorry to tell you that the roll down rear window, except for the 4Runner, has gone the way of the loony bird. No one else makes this feature anymore. I suspect it is because the flip up rear window is just as convenient and MUCH less expensive to manufacture. The good news is that the new 4Runner is still a good and reliable vehicle.

  • cdn_tch 01/06/10 7:14 pm PST

    If all you need is the ability to be able to open the window seperatly from the door, then the flip up windows should be good enough. Not as elegant as a roll down but just as effective.

  • verdugo 01/07/10 1:49 pm PST

    Just to follow up on cdn_tch's answer. The Jeep Grand Cherokee has a flip up window. You can even open it from the remote.

    Source: I own one :-)

  • freealfin 06/08/10 12:07 pm PST

    The 4runner has one and it is the only one I know of. You can operate it from the front seat or tailgate and has auto or manual up/down. Contrary to what some people here say, there is a huge difference in having this feature if you have dogs. You can have the window partially down for ventilation when you're parked or moving. By the way, it has a safety feature so you won't choke anyone. I got mine because it is just about the only SUV left that is truly capable off road, rides very nicely, gets 20 mpg average, can tow 5,000 lbs. AND it has an operational tailgate window - got two wonderful dogs.

  • ammon70 01/12/11 9:04 pm PST

    The Land Rover Freelander has a rear window that rolled down. The hard top comes off in the summer. Great vehicle but I bought a good one. I've heard that some are very expensive to repair. The maintenance is a little more also.

  • John9393 03/07/11 2:37 pm PST

    To the best of my knowledge, the only two 2011 production model SUV's with a roll down rear back window are the Toyota 4Runner and the Toyota Sequoia.

    It's also a great feature if you have a big dog who barks when he wants the window rolled down :)

  • ravagex 03/13/13 2:28 pm PST

    The chevy bronco's in the early 90's had this feature also. It rolls down into the tail gate which is similar to the pickup trucks. Also the old wagoneers has manualy rolled down windows in the rear and were a station wagon style hatch.

  • luksusgroup 12/19/13 1:37 pm PST

    With regard to those who say a flip rear windo "will suffice" or is "just as good" They are VERY WRONG, and know very little why a rear roll down window is a luxury! 1. the convenience of a front, rear and remote up down function of the rear window comes in handy so often that I have a hard time imagining living without it. Wheather it is Dogs, Air, Oversized cargo, believe me it comes in handy. 2 opening the rear window a crack equalizes air in the interior cabin when combined in combination of open windows, or open sun roof. 3. by equalizing the air on the inside cabin, you eliminate 95% of air noise when only opening sunroof, or any of the windows. 4. when using the roof rack for large items such as maybe a 2 x 4 or a Christmas tree in conjunction with items that are extending out of the rear , having a flip up window is inconvenient and the glass will bang up to what ever you have above it. 5. you are able to control the amount the window is open, more air, or less air what ever you desire

    Im sure I can list other examples about the differences, but I can not tell you enough how many times I felt fortunate to have my roll down.

    I am a surfer, and a sports enthusiast in South Florida where I sell and Rent real estate. And I put signs in my trunk along with surfboards and kite boards on my roof rack. I can not tell you the amount of times that a flip rear window would have made things very difficult if not impossible to pack and go.

    I hope an auto designer sees my post and installs a roll down window on other SUV as Its one of the most important factors to my looking for a new car


  • smiller7 05/02/14 3:17 pm PST

    I agree with the previous responder, not having an auto roll down rear window is a deal breaker for me.

    Not to mention all the obvious cargo carrying options it gives you I use the rear window to balance air flow and eliminate air turbulance and noise in the car.

    If you just roll down the driver window a bit, the wind turbulance and noise is unbearable, crack the rear window about 2 inches and it changes the whole dynamic. I use my air conditioner much less.

    I wont buy another SUV without an auto rear rolldown even though I am not thrilled about the looks of the 2014 4Runners.

  • crey 07/24/14 1:45 pm PST

    I have a 2004 4Runner. I wanted to reward myself with a new purchase, and while some of the other SUVs LOOK good, that back window is a deal breaker for me. I keep it halfway down for my dogs, one of which is a pro at hanging it's head out. I really don't see how other SUV owners do it, it would be like a hot box back there without some ventilation. And it's so much nicer to keep the dogs area in the cargo and not on the seats.

    I wasn't a fan of the boxy 2010-2013 generation... and I used to say the same about the 2014... but the limited actually doesn't have the catfish gills and is beautifully designed other than the huge chrome front end. I have a feeling the refresh of this generation is going to be beautiful. The sides and rear are much improved from the previous years. Come on Toyota, you're so close.

    Because of this back window, I'm going to choose a Limited 4 runner over some other luxury SUV. It doesn't hurt that I've never had to repair a single thing in my 3 years of owning a 10 year old car... that's reason enough I guess.

  • rockman94 10/25/15 12:01 am PST

    I too love the roll down window of my 4Runner ('99 SR5). However I'm not real happy with the 4Runners after '09. The model has gotten much larger, heavier (800 lb increase from '99 to '16) and the rear legroom (2nd seat) is 2" less to make room for the unwanted 3rd seat. Fuel economy is basically unchanged from '99 to '16. Cargo room is increased but what I have now is sufficient anway. Heck, even the ground clearance got 1.2 inches lower!

    So, hoping my truck will last a few more years (rear axle seals have been replaced twice, 6 years apart, hopefully last time with an improved design). But at some point I'll have to replace it and leaning now towards an Outback (better rear legroom, better fuel economy, ground clearance about same, slightly less cargo room, but no roll down window :(

  • 8675312 11/19/15 8:07 am PST

    one of the larger challenges with having a POWER DOWN rear window is WHERE AUTO SUV or WAGON manufactorers have gone with the design/style of the rear window ... and by that, i mean its CURVED and ARCHED (convex, not concave). this really throws a damper into the power down window feature that's available on the 4runner and sequoia.

    i have a '99 jeep grand cherokee with the FLIP rear window. it is slightly curved and arched. the main reason i won't upgrade to a new vehicle ... is just that ... manufactorers have also eliminated the FLIP rear window ... the only other flip rear window car markers i believe are toyota (highlander, not RAV4) and landrover ...

    i REALLY wanted this feature on a smaller SUV (CUV) ... but it is NON EXISTANT.

    the old kia sportage (pre 2011) did have it ...


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