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  • subearu 05/03/08 11:53 am PST

    What speeds are you running at on the highway? Lower speeds usually increase MPG. And if you have to mash the gas pedal to get merged into traffic, that robs some MPG as well.

    If you're going 75mph on the highway, try going 70 or 65mph and see what MPG you get.


  • canddmeyer 05/04/08 5:03 am PST

    Although you wouldn't want to travel at the optimum speed, the optimum speed is the speed you are at when the transmission shifts into its highest gear. Like the previous poster said, slow down for better mileage. My recommendation is keep it close to the speed limit for the best MPG.

  • shanelabs 05/18/08 10:42 pm PST

    Anything over 55 mpg will kill your mileage. There's a calculator and explanation over at http://www.mpgforspeed.com/

    Source: http://www.mpgforspeed.com/


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