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  • texases 11/07/12 11:41 am PST

    Assuming the Goodyears are exactly correct in size, I'd guess that the runflats, with their stiff sidewalls, had sharper handling response than the Goodyears. You might try and find a better-handling tire for your Rav4 at tirerack.com, look at the tire tests and see which have better handling ratings. What are your options besides the Comfort Treads (tires designed for low noise and a comfortable ride, the opposite of what you were used to)?

  • morin2 11/08/12 8:22 am PST

    Based on my own research, I put the Comfort Treds on my daughter's subaru forester and they have been fine. But that was not going from a runflat to a conventional. In addition, the tires I used were almost certainly higher profile than the ones you have. Its possible that the good reviews for this tire are for higher profile sizes. Toyotas with "sport" in their model designation typically use larger wheels and lower profile tires. Combined with run-flats, that should produce a much stiffer ride. Conventional tires will not duplicate that ride. You can filter the reviews at www.tirerack.com by vehicle model and see if those in your situation have similar experiences.


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