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  • zaken1 07/04/10 5:20 pm PST

    Since you want to be as good to the motor as possible, which I admire; phone the Nissan dealer and ask them what brand and viscosity of oil the factory uses as original fill. It is equally important to use both the same brand and the same viscosity as the original oil. But there is a good chance that the brand of oil the factory used is not avalable in the US. If that turns out to be the case; the second best alternative would be to use the brand and viscosity which will be used in the vehicle at subsequent oil changes. If you are willing to use your own oil; rather than just take whatever the dealer uses, I would recommend Mobil 1 full synthetic. Mobil 1 is different from practically all the other synthetics on the market; in that it is made from synthesized hydrocarbons (which are modeled on an ideal petroleum molecule). Because Mobil 1's chemistry is so similar to petroleum; it can be safely used during break in. But all the other synthetics cannot be used until an engine has at least 5,000-10,000 miles on it. For maximum performance and protection, I would use Mobil 1 in their 0W-40 viscosity. Under EPA law, the dealer is not allowed to use non energy conserving oil viscosities like 0W-40; so they would probably use 5W-30; if they even use synthetics. This is why I change my own oil. But independent shops can use whatever oil you specify.


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