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  • bandit10 04/01/08 12:54 am PST

    I don't know the mileage of your vehicle. But I would look inside the radiator.And raditor holding tank and look for oil floating in the coolant. Also check your dip stick and see if it shows signs of oil on it. If it's the case it could be a bad head gasket. Since it just started to happen and go's away quickly, I'd have a Professional look at it to be on the safe side. Good luck, and keep the rest of us on this Forum informed of your findings. You just might be able to help someone else out that has your problem. Ben. Also check with the guys on top 30 days page along side of answers. They have extreme hands on knowledge.

  • carman40 04/01/08 9:12 am PST

    My car has 12600miles on it, its a 1989 but in a very good condition. I will run in to a shop today to have all those things check and will be back on this forum with more..Thank you for your reply.

  • carman40 04/01/08 9:21 am PST

    Sorry, I mean 126000miles...

  • suaveca 04/05/08 12:25 am PST

    It might be that your head near your engine has a small leak.


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