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  • laltazan 02/23/12 4:16 pm PST

    Being in the transmission business, I must say I dislike Toyota, they hardly ever break (laugh) The Toyota product would be very hard to beat, from a reliability standpoint, including the transmission.

  • zaken1 02/23/12 4:19 pm PST

    Much as I despise automatics; I have sympathy for your plight. Basically; the road to the most reliable automatic is to avoid the fancy bells and whistles and seek out the simple designs. The big problems came with the introduction of 6 speed automatics. If you can find a 4 or 5 speed automatic, in a reliable car like a Toyota Corolla or Yaris; that would be the best. A 4 or 5 speed Mazda automatic would also be a good choice. The fancier models now use 6 speeds; so I would avoid them. And Nissan CVT transmissions have had all sorts of problems.

  • morin2 02/24/12 3:45 pm PST

    Subaru still uses an older design, proven 4-speed automatic in some of its models - including the improved Forester. I would include that AT among the most durable.


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