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  • zaken1 04/08/12 9:54 pm PST

    This problem is most likely caused by a defective camshaft position sensor. The second most likely cause is a defective crankshaft position sensor.

    If your mechanic can test the car at a time when it won't start; if there is no spark at the plugs; the crankshaft position sensor should be replaced.

    If there is spark at the plugs when it won't start, but it fires briefly and soon stalls when starting fluid is sprayed into the throttle body air inlet; the camshaft position sensor should be replaced. A bad cam position sensor will shut down the trigger pulses to the fuel injector.

  • hangingin 04/09/12 7:38 am PST

    Every time I read such issues I come to the same advice - CHECK THIS FIRST. Believe it or not - loose, dirty, or corroded battery terminal WILL cause this. This should always be where you start. Also check your ground cable. I mean where it bolts to frame. Some cars also use a ASD relay (Auto Shut Down) Relay. I do not think this veh is one of them. Look closey at these relays. Next remove and clean your EGR valve. Try a known good Fuel pump relay! A warm or hot relay will do this too. Hot electrical components offer more resistance and burnt contacts within one of these will malfunction when warm but perform well when cool. Warm and hot engine shut offs are usually electrical issues. No I don't think its the catalytic converter either (wink, wink and a smile here). Is your check engine light lit or disabled??? If it is functional get your codes out and repost, if it is disabled fix this first. Thats why it is on your vehicle.


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