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  • zoomzoomdlr 11/03/08 7:31 pm PST

    well, it is a 97. But if you're smelling antifreeze, why are you not checking the antifreeze??? And which engine does your expedition have the 4.6 or 5.4? And how many miles??

  • canddmeyer 11/04/08 5:46 am PST

    Just nosy, but did the engine have a normal oil level after you purchased it? After the service did you again check the oil level? I'd guess the lack of oil is related to whoever serviced it last. Any puddles under where the vehicle is parked? The vehicle holds about 6 quarts or so of oil. If you added two quarts then everything should be ok. If you added more then I'd suspect the vehicle is burning oil or was improperly serviced or some envirowhacko didn't take kindly to your SUV and drained it. Check it weekly and you'll find out if it's an oil burner or just got bad service last time out.

    As for the antifreeze smell....any puddles under the vehicle? If the smell is in the vehicle it may be a leaky heater core.

  • karjunkie 11/04/08 5:58 am PST

    Whoever serviced your vehicle did not fill it properly. You couldn't have burned 5-6 quarts of oil in 4 months unless the car was a virtual smoke machine! The antifreeze you smell is probably coolant that is being burnt by the engine because it overheated due to the low oil condition and now has a head gasket leak. I would go back to the service shop and demand they repair the head gasket and any other damage done as a result of the oil change mess up. Good luck!


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