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  • texases 03/25/11 10:11 am PST

    When it doesn't start, what exactly happens? Does it crank at all?

  • smorscheiser 03/25/11 3:59 pm PST

    it doesn't even crank or want to turn over. no clicking no nothing. I can let it sit for at least a day and go out and it fires right up. confused i think so. I'm thinking maybe it's a lose battery wire leading to the starter but my friends that think they know it all say it's a sencor of some kind. Don't know because now it wont start to get it to the shop. I would rather try to fix this one myself. The car is payed off and i owe nothing for it so why not try.

    Thanks Scott

  • texases 03/25/11 4:11 pm PST

    I'd check your idea first, could be a bad cable. Next might be a bad ignition switch. One thing to check: when you turn the key see if 12V is gettting to the starter. If not, check if the cable has an 'open' in it with an ohmmeter (you'll need to unhook the battery).

    Sensor? Maybe, but check out the basics first.


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