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  • rfmcqueeney 06/15/11 11:26 pm PST

    Variety of possibilities here. Light could be on because of low fluid in the master cylinder, which could be a symptom of a leak somewhere, or it could be your parking brake is partially engaged or the microswitch sensor for it is stuck/broken.
    If you are continually eating through brakes, you may have a power brake booster problem causing them to stay partially engaged. Or, heaven forbid, check to see if the brake fluid has been contaminated with a petroleum product of some sort. This can be evidenced by a swollen master cylinder cap gasket. If you open the cap and the rubber just explodes out like a bad balloon, you have contamination and the entire brake system rubber components need to be replaced/rebuilt in order to resolve. I hope this is not your issue. ABS parts get real expensive.
    Insure your "complete brake job" includes front and rear brakes, including hydraulic parts like wheel cylinders and calipers, to insure system balance. Also insure your drums/rotors are within specs.
    Also check the brake pedal assembly itself to insure it's moving freely. I had a Aerostar one time that some guy had mounted his CB radio just above the pedal bracket, holding the pedal partially engaged and burned up his brakes VERY often. Good luck.


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