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  • tony78 05/16/09 9:36 am PST

    Here is a re-direct to another site, edmunds would rather us to not answer questions this way, although i have found quite a few good answers by surfing the internet and i have found a lot of sites that have added to my in shop library.

    Go to :

    http://www dot justanswer dot com/questions/qmir-2000-nissan-frontier

    In addition to this answer may i suggest that you get a service manual for your car and an electrical diagram so you can find the different components in the system.

    A factory manual will tell you how to test the parts,,,,,an aftermarket manual may not.

    good luck

  • jonn123 06/09/16 3:35 pm PST

    try tapping the clutch with a hammer.....if it egages for few minutes then disengages it is most likely the clutch............


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