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  • snowball2 09/27/09 1:59 pm PST

    this might have a bad wheel speed sensor causing this the pcm might see an erratic signal from one of them thinking maybe it is slipping and enabling 4wd,tone rings could be cracked,bad sensors,i am surprised the dealership can not pickup on anything,you can take this info to the dealership and ask them to check it good luck

  • sjeannides 12/02/11 11:34 pm PST

    Sounds like a it could be a faulty switch for the transfer case control which is the 2wd hi/4 -hi/4-lo selector switch to the upper left of the Instrument panel cluster. I just cracked open that switch to replace the burnt out backlighting bulbs and there is a large plastic light diffusing piece of plastic and rubber pads over the controls (on the actual circuit board) that if those pads are misaligned it could keep accidentally activating 4wd... try replacing the switch.

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