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  • tony78 06/07/08 2:10 am PST

    That sure is a lot of parts that the changed,,,i think that the odds would be against all those parts going out all at once,,,what it looks like to me is your shop did not diagnose the problem correctly and they were just replacing one part after another just hoping that by throwing parts and money ( yours ) at it they would get lucky and solve the problem,,,its not likely that the cam shaft sensor and the crank shaft sensor would both be bad at the same time.

    I hope you got a warranty on this repair, you should take the car back to the shop and have them fix it right this time.

  • zhicks 06/07/08 2:23 am PST

    This question has dumbfounded me but sometimes it is the simple things that we overlook. You had might try checking the negative ground wire on your terminals. Often times if it is coroded, once heated up it will cause the engine's safety switch to kill the engine. Best of luck!


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