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  • karjunkie 05/12/10 9:05 am PST

    What oil did you change? An engine oil change has nothing to do with the ATF fluid. There is no physical connection between the two and the only possible connection is that you may have inadvertantly loosened the AT drain plug during the engine oil change. In any event, check your ATF fluid level and make sure the fluid is at the proper level with the engine running and in the "park" position.

  • scubaryan 06/02/10 10:20 pm PST

    Did you figure out what was happening with this? I just did the same thing. I did a full oil change and changed filter and oil. Then had shifiting problems as I drove away and car was missing between 2nd & 3rd gear for a couple seconds every time. AT light also came on.

    Have you figured out what happened?


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