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  • MrShift@Edmunds 03/13/08 7:37 pm PST

    You'll have to by-pass the window switches completely for a moment to see if the windows operate normally. But before that you'll have to make sure the driver's door switch is even getting current. Perhaps the fuse is blown on that door (sometimes they use two fuses for 4 doors, not one fuse for 4 doors).

    If you have current to the window switch, and you by-pass it, and the driver's window doesn't work, the motor is probably no good. If the window works again, then it was the switch.

    On the "slow" window, same thing. If you by pass the switch and the window works faster, then the switch had high resistance---replace it. If the window still works slowly, then it's time to take off the door panel and check for loose window rails, and also lubricate the window channels with a DRY silicone lubricant (NOT WD-40!!) Sometimes a tightening up and lube fixes slow windows.

    Use the following procedure in order to remove the switch mounting plate:

    1 Use a flat-bladed tool at the rear of the switch mounting plate in order to release the clip.

    2 Lift up in order to unsnap the mounting plate from the front door trim panel.

    3 Disconnect the electrical connectors.

    4 Unsnap the switch from the mounting plate.


    1. Install the switch to the mounting plate.
    2. Connect the electrical connectors.

    3. Install the switch mounting plate to the front door trim panel. Insert the front edge into the trim panel and snap down the rear of the switch plate to the front door trim panel.

  • cristawave 04/12/08 2:00 pm PST

    I also have the same problem with my van and it is the switch. I took it to an auto glass shop and they tested the window for me by removing the door panel and unhooking the switch then "wiring" it directly to the motor and the window will go up and down. Good luck!


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