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  • bandit10 06/11/08 8:56 pm PST

    It's proberbly the sensor that controls the front vents from opening. And it's stuck in the closed positon. You might try www.autozone.com they have a very good and easy system to use for trouble shooting, and they also give diagrams. I found them of great help because they go into great detail in their diagnosis.

  • knockster 10/09/08 5:05 pm PST

    After having the same problem (04 Envoy XUV) and searching high and low for a solution, I found that it is a vent mode actuator that has gone bad. This motor opens and closes doors to the vents directing the air to vents you choose. GMC wanted to charge over $500.00 to fix the problem. I found the part for $124.00 on ebay and replaced it myself. The part is in the middle console but you need to get to it from under the steering wheel.


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