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  • karjunkie 05/07/10 7:53 am PST

    It''s not the ABS system as this is a pump that would not be engaged in normal dry road conditions. Even if it did engage it would not "roar", as you describe the noise. You would also feel the brake pedal pulse quite noticeably if the ABS system engages. Your barke pads may just be reaching the end of their life as modern brake pads have a metal tab that warns the driver when the pads are nearly worn out. It can also be a pad that has become loose and jams inside the caliper on hard braking. I'd have an independent brake shop take a look and see what they say.

  • oddy08 05/07/10 1:10 pm PST

    Thanks for the answer. If it's my brake pads, then they should have told me during my scheduled maintenance visit. But I first noticed this problem even before my first scheduled maintenance, way before i reached the 5000 miles. I'll just try to bring it to an independent shop for check-up and I'll post updates on this problem.

  • karjunkie 05/07/10 1:26 pm PST

    OK, let us know what you find. I suspect given the mileage it is just a pad that has come loose.

  • onala 06/04/10 3:10 pm PST

    I have the same problem on our 2008 Odyssey Touring. It does not make me feel good. It happens when I step on the brake suddenly. The noise seems to come from somewhere in the middle section of the power train. All the maintainces on this van are done by Honda dealer. They couldn't find any problem. I drive it everyday and it has about 43,500 miles.

    The real problem that concerns me everyday is the brake whistles loudly while it goes down the parking structure at work (downhill & sharp turns on every floor). It's like a cargo ship blowing its horn. I complainted it to the Honda dealship and asked them to check into it. The last time I compainted, the service representative told me that this was normal and other customers have complainted about the same problem. He said others had screamed at them. His personal opinion was the brake was under developed on this van.
    I told him that this couldn't be normal. There are over 1,000 cars parked in the same structure and only this van whistles loudly when I apply the brake going from the 7th floor to the ground. I though the recent recalls might have something to do with it. However, it didn't help.

    Someone suggested that it happens when the brake is cold. I do park it inside the structure and it is cool.

    Does anyone have this problem (a whistling brake)? Appreciate any help.

  • oddy08 07/26/10 7:42 am PST

    On July 1st, I brought my Odyssey to the dealer for a regular scheduled maintenace/oil changen and for the Recall. I also notified the service advisor about the "loud roaring/groaning sound", that I've been hearing when making sudden brakes. They checked the car but couldn't find any problem since they couldn't duplicate the sound. I drove the car with a service advisor, and I was able to produce the abnormal "roaring/roaring sound", on my 3rd try. He told me that the brake pads needs to be changed. I replied, "I need to change my brake pads with only 13,000 miles of use?" Anyways, they changed the brake pads under warranty.

    I'll keep you an update if it will fix teh problem...

  • oddy08 07/26/10 7:53 am PST

    July 6, 2010. Unfortunately, I still have the same problem at this time. I, once again, brought my car to the dealer with the same complaint. I went directly to the service advisor who went with me in the car and heard the "roaring/groaning sound", while I was driving. I asked him why am I still having the same problem if they changed my brake pads? He seems surprised! He asked me if I can leave my car for the whole day so they can check it again and hopefully solve the problem this time. After about 6hrs, I called the service advisor since I never got a call from him about any updates on my car. He answered the phone and told me that my car is ready for pick up. He told me that they changed the brake pads again and also changed the rotors this time, and that I shouldn't have to hear that "abnormal sound" again.

    Up to this point, I haven't heard anything like it... Hopefully, I will never will.

  • kemp3125 04/02/15 9:48 am PST

    Did they bother checking the Hubs?


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