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  • viktorwi 09/28/09 3:39 pm PST

    What kind of car/truck/van is it?that noise comes from engine bay area or cab?theres few reasons why it does that worn/not tightened belt,worn bearing/clutch in ac unit,need more info on the make/model of a vehicle

  • oldfarmer50 09/28/09 3:41 pm PST

    I'm not a real mechanical expert but I'd guess it is one of two things. You might simply have a loose belt which slips a little when the A/C engages or you might have a bearing in the compressor which is going bad. The second problem is much more costly to fix.

    Have a mechanic you trust look at it.

  • karjunkie 09/28/09 4:14 pm PST

    Lift the hood and watch the AC compressor while a helper turns on the AC. You should be able to see if the belt is just slipping or the compressor clutch is siezing and causing the belt to bind and slip over the AC pulley.


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