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  • subearu 02/12/09 6:55 am PST

    Typically, this is an indication that you need to have the tires balanced. But, it could be a bent rim or even another suspension component causing the vibration. Even other driveline components can cause vibration.

    Start with a good tire balancing. Try to find a place that uses Hunter equipment, like the GSP9700, or road-force balancing.


  • wurbans 02/12/09 11:47 am PST

    if they are radials the belts could be broke in your tires i replaced my tires and the shaking stopped

  • gar_fanatic 02/20/09 9:33 am PST

    Could be the tires, could be a bent rim. It could also be a bad CV axle, or wheel bearing. Some other steering component could also be causing the problem. But it could be something cheap like a tire is out of balance or have ice or mud stuck on one side of the rim causing the tire to be out of balance.


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