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  • canddmeyer 08/03/08 5:02 am PST

    Since you have no answers, I'll chime in. Odds are there is an aircon problem you need to have serviced, but as time has passed there may now be more than one problem. As for the original problem of the cabin being cold until driven I would suspect the thermostat is stuck open, but when the temp goes above normal on long trips it leaves me guessing, although it could still be a faulty thermostat. Is something blocking airflow to the airconditioning condenser &/or the radiator?

    I'd suspect there are multiple issues, but the easy one will be having the air con serviced.

  • rbillieuxsr 07/11/10 7:50 pm PST

    Start car-turn both switches ac and recir. open hood look at compresser facing it look on left side wheel should be turning it is clutch. If low will not turn on--switch is to right-on low side way over-drivers side -compressor can be turned by taking off cap and using paper clip complete circut-Caution do not run compressor long this way will burn it out.


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