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  • oldfarmer50 11/02/09 9:57 am PST

    My first response was going to be to check the oil pressure sending unit. I had to replace mine twice in my Cirrus (Sebring pedecessor). The other posibility is not so nice.

    I would have your mechanic check the actual oil pressure when the light is on. That will tell you if you have a real problem or not. Sometimes you can get a replacement sensor that is also bad and the light keeps coming on.

    You say there is no sludge. Are you the origional owner? A previous owner who didn't maintain that 2.7L motor could have sludged it up and damaged it.

    Or maybe you idle is just too low.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 11/02/09 9:57 am PST

    Well it could be low oil pressure. That light is designed to go on at about 5 PSI or less. Then, when you accelerate, the oil pump starts a greater flow and your oil pressure goes up, and the light goes off.

    First thing I'd do is check the oil pressure with a REAL GAUGE that you screw into the oil sender fitting. That gives you real data (a Chrysler type scanner might also be able to read this).

    If the oil pressure is genuinely below 5 PSI at idle, you'll have to drop the oil pan and investigate for a clogged oil screen, loose or dented oil pickup tube, a worn out oil pump, or worn engine bearings.


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