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  • carmenr 01/25/11 6:03 pm PST

    Similar intermintant failure on Merc Gran Marquis GS.
    Drove me nuts.
    Finally had Ford dealer diagnois. It was the main light control module under the dash.
    Cost me $900 at dlr to repair. Found out on internet this is common problem, and module can be repaired (per their qote) outfit in NJ for $50. send in module and they repair/send replacement module. Dont remember exact locatio, go to fix my car maybe, or ebay ??
    best wishes

  • jon_olds92 05/03/11 3:53 am PST

    I got a similer problem on my 93 Dodge Dokota, but my switch kept melting till I ran my own relay harness and relay bypassing the trucks original system and solved the problem....just simply using the headlight switch as a signal wire to click relay..but in your case you can do the same using a toggle switch to any 12 volt suply in your dash accesable..if you dont mind the simpler half butted way that should permanatly solve it if done right....ive done this on 1995 as well and worked!!! good luck fellow dakota owner...contact me on facebook if you have any other questions...Jonathan DJPhaze Argiri (facebook)


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