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  • 0patience 02/12/11 8:51 pm PST

    Pretty much it comes down to noise and cost.

    Chains are noisier than belts and cost more to manufacture.

    Then there is the space issue. You can fit a belt into a tighter area, than a chain.


  • MrShift@Edmunds 02/12/11 8:53 pm PST

    Oh I think a lot of automakers still use belts--they are quieter for one thing, and cheaper to manufacture, because you don't need an encased, oil filled timing chain casting. So belts are cost effective and really, most of them don't need maintenance for 90,000 miles---that's maybe 7-8 years of use, divided into $400-$600 bucks. That's not excessive in my opinion and maybe it keeps the cost of the car down in the first place.


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