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  • isellhondas 06/27/13 10:04 pm PST

    A "super-easy" sale? Well, perhaps but shoppers who use your approach rarely buy cars. If a dealer is foolish enough to give them a hard number, they will only shop that number all over town.

    I would find out if they have the car in stock, do your research and make them an offer based on your research.

    For every "eager buyer" that comes through the internet like you are doing, there will be 100 "strokes". er.....non serious shoppers.

    Also, they don't have "copies" of their window stickers.

    It's a "can't win" senario for a dealer.

  • Stever@Edmunds 06/29/13 12:24 am PST

    This new feature should help the process.

    Edmunds Price Promise makes it easy to connect with dealers that have agreed to provide you with an up-front price on a specific car you want. You'll also have a personal contact at the dealership when you're ready to buy. That means time saved, and less stress.

    Edmunds Price Promise

    Edmunds.com unveils "Price Promise" program (consumeraffairs.com)

    It may take a few months to roll out to your area, but feel free to ask your local dealer about it.


  • isellhondas 06/29/13 3:43 pm PST

    A lot of programs like that already in place.

    Costco, AAA, Autobytel and dozens more. Many have come and gone.

    Same old game. Customer is given a price to go shop.

    Very few will tell you..." Gee, that sounds like a great price..let's do a deal"!

    Sounds good though....

  • Stever@Edmunds 06/30/13 9:21 am PST

    Yeah, we'll have to see how it goes - it's still early days and the roll-out will take a few months.

    The main problem with the same old game is that everyone hates going to the dealer.

  • knowledgepower 06/30/13 12:52 pm PST

    You may be a super easy sale but it has been mentioned that no dealer will give you a final number to shop because they will beat it by $1 and customers go for it. Your intentions are great but when dealing with Internet Sales you will have to go in and at least drive the vehicle and confirm a deal. Yes, this is the age of instant everything but you need some kind of patience in vehicle buying. The Internet Sales process just cuts down the constant back and forth but there will be some. I've done Internet Sales and be prepared for a final number when you get there but yes when you commit and they know you're ready to buy. Your paying cash is no bigger an incentive because all deals are cash, I've done cash deals on Dodge Vipers and turned down low-balling cash deals on other vehicles. Everything you say could be the gospel truth about buying but it means nothing until you're in front of an Internet Sales person and about th sign paperwork. There's a larger percentage of people who walk away from crazy deals to shop than those those who take them. Beat the odds and go the the dealer to finish your sale, you'll see the Internet deal was a good one.


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