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  • zaken1 04/08/12 12:53 am PST

    This problem could happen if the ignition timing has been adjusted without first disabling the electronic spark advance system; or was set without using a timing light, or was not set to the manufacturer's specification. It is necessary to follow all of those procedures in order for the engine to operate properly. There may be instructions on the underhood emission label about how to disable the electronic spark advance. Otherwise; it will be necessary to search online for this information.

    If the EGR vacuum solenoid has been bypassed or is not properly connected; this could also cause such a problem.

    A clogged fuel filter could do this, too. So could a leaking PCV hose, or a leaking vacuum hose to the MAP sensor, or a leaking vacuum hose to the brake booster.

    So could a damaged intake manifold gasket, a leaking throttle body gasket; or one that is leaking because the mating surfaces were not sufficiently cleaned; or is leaking because gasket sealer was not used on the gaskets.

    Plug wires with excessive resistance will cause plugs to run in a borderline fouled condition; which will lead to idle speed instability. NGK plugs are far more prone to fouling than most other brands. I would use Autolite #5224 plugs at .045" gap, and either replace the plug wires or insure that each individual wire has less than 1,000 ohms resistance per inch of wire length.

    If the valve clearances are out of adjustment; or there is more than 20psi compression difference between the lowest and highest cylinder pressures; or if the compression in any cylinder is below the minimum allowable factory limit; the motor will never idle consistently.

  • tfrazzini13 09/13/12 2:50 pm PST

    Check your idle control valve bolted to your intake manifold its plugged into your your fuel rail and it has a black cylinder shape piece with a denso sticker on it. Start your car open your hood and take the butt end of a screw driver and tap the aluminum side to it gently,If your idle fluctuates you have to replace the valve also check your fast idle valve directly beside it you might have to tighten it so less air gets in it ill send ill post a great link for this below. Hope it solves the problem good luck.


  • jeremylvca 05/26/15 12:34 am PST

    What does it mean when u push on ur brakes n idle goes down n wants to stall out n die n also driving it fills like its fighting its self to speed up if I let go n push again it's fine


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