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  • 0patience 03/04/10 7:48 pm PST

    Have you had the system pressure tested?
    How old is the radiator cap? Has it been tested?
    Did you use an OEM thermostat or aftermarket thermostat?

    Is there any sign of coolant loss? (see pressure testing the cooling system).

    Who did the headgasket and intake? What is their warranty?
    Is there any signs of coolant on the passenger side floor?

    Lot's of questions before a person could make an educated guess.

    Let us know. Use the Answer this Question button to reply.

  • 96olds 03/07/10 2:00 pm PST

    so far there hasnt been any coolant loss. to my knowledge the cap is origianl to the car and a new superstat was put it. my mechanic did the gaskets about four years ago so it wouldnt fall under a warranty. it just seems like its not circulating coolant. both the upper and lower radiator hoses are soft - not pressurized - and the coolant heats up and just dumps into the overflow resevoir. As i drive it the temp will climb and the car throws no heat and then at random and sparatic times the temp will drop and the car throws heat for a bit and then goes right back to overheating and throwing cold air.

  • troy24 03/09/10 9:22 am PST

    I've got the same condition occurring with my 96 Olds 3.1 liter. I noticed a couple weeks ago the temp guage fluctuating and yesterday the temp hit into the red zone. I stopped and came back later to check coolant level. Was not low exept for the little bit that boiled into the overflow tank. It got hot again this morning on way to work, I stopped to see if the fan was blowing, only one fan rotating and slow. temp dropped and fan stopped also. Was hoping to hear if you found a solution. Car has 138 K

  • 96olds 03/09/10 1:01 pm PST

    I had these same/similar symptoms about 4years/40,000 miles ago. I tried replacing the thermostat and then the waterpump with the problem still lingering. I ended up having to replace the head and intake gaskets which solved the problem. But now years later its resurfaced and im thinking that this time the head itself mite be bad and may need to be machined. i never did encounter any issues with the fans not working tho.

  • troy24 03/10/10 3:46 pm PST

    My mechanic says I need a head gasket.

  • edc60 09/02/10 1:18 am PST

    The Waterpump is near the top of the engine / cooling system. A low coolant condition will allow the pump to run dry - no coolant flow.

    There are 2 bleed points on the top side of the engine to bleed air from the cooling system.

    A bad seal in waterpump will allow air to enter the cooling system when the engine cools.

    Check coolant COLD at radiator, not just recovery tank.

    Do NOT run just water for more than 5 minutes. Hot water will eat holes in aluminum engine parts. .


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