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  • jake501 02/13/09 4:33 am PST

    It may be your alignment...I would talk to your mechanic.

  • subearu 02/13/09 7:01 am PST

    It may be a tire out of balance, typically. Bent rims, or even a suspension component could cause it as well. A bad alignment usually isn't responsible for shaking.

    Take it to a reputable shop that has Hunter equipment and get the wheels/tires balanced. Lots of shops have the GSP9700, which is their top machine for balancing.


  • brule 03/05/09 11:07 am PST


    Do you have a 2009 Corolla? If so there are many reports on steering problems with the new EPS steering. If so I would advise to report the issue to NHTSA dot Gov. Motor Vehicle Recall website.

    Source: www.nhtsa.gov


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