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  • subearu 03/17/09 11:26 pm PST

    perhaps low oil pressure, weak oil pump, failing/leaking oil pressure sender. No leaks, no oil burning?


  • docj 03/18/09 12:59 am PST

    All of the above ..


    Does the vehicle idle ok at a stop or does it idle down too low?Run rough at stops?
    If it idles down to low where it acts like it wants to stall,then there could be an issue with the idle circuit and/or a driveability concern.

    Either way,get this checked ASAP,dont continue to drive this until your sure oil pressure is ok.
    You'll be sorry if it is mechanical
    Have a technician check the oil pressure using a mechanical gauge hooked up to your engine.ASAP.

    Good luck!

    Doc J

  • stephr428 04/15/09 6:46 pm PST

    If it is the 2.7 it could be one or a combination of three things. The oil pump, main and rod bearing, or sludge. We have an 02 that we have put over 1k in to fix it and it still doesn't work. I would suggest getting rid of it asap!! These cars have a horrible rep for engine failure. For a better idea I would google the engine in the car and read all the complaints. Some people have posted about how they were able to get Chrysler to pay for repairs. Good Luck!


    PS. This link can be very helpful.

    Source: http://www.automotivehelper.com/topic18

  • verdier 05/29/09 4:00 am PST

    The following I got at another site:

    I also own a 2001 LX, the only problem I've had was the oil light coming on at idle. I thought for sure it would be a $1000.00 oil pump replacement job. Luckily a mechanic overheard my conversation with the service person, and was able to tell me that there was a service bulletin that applied to vehicles equipped with the 2.7l engine that stated "with a hot engine the oil pressure light may be on or flicker on at idle." To fix this problem you need to buy a wire terminal/vent pt#05017800AA. It connects to the oil pressure switch connector to reduce the heat at the switch by having the heat travel up the wire.

    Gonna try having this done on Monday. Good Luck.


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