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  • michael157 10/16/11 1:02 pm PST

    i would check the switches first and wiring make sure nothing is loose or came unplugged next i would check fluid level in transfercase make sure it is filled also you might check and make sure the shifter is not moving back and forth if it has one i know some dont but some do theres only a few things it could be and none of them are costly fixes but to me it does mostly sound like a short in the wiring or switch easy fix hope this helps

  • MrShift@Edmunds 10/16/11 1:08 pm PST

    Well the light is telling you that a trouble code is stored, which must be scanned to know more about the problem. Otherwise, people are just guessing with your money. Could be the switch, could be the motor encoder, could be wiring, could be a sensor.....Some people take a chance on a switch because for the price, it could cost the same as having the car scanned---but if you can get a free scan, say at Autozone, that'd be the way to go.


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