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  • MrShift@Edmunds 03/20/11 10:35 am PST

    I don't think you need AWD for the DC area. A pair of good snow tires will do the trick. AWD is great, but it costs more to buy and it uses more fuel. No sense paying extra $$$ for something you might need 1% of the time you are driving.

  • texases 03/20/11 2:02 pm PST

    Agree, DC does get some snow, but not a big issue there. And if you get a set of winter tires, get 4 on rims (Tirerack's a good source).

    4wd and awd are now pretty interchangeable. You actually don't want the old-style part-time 4wd, you'd want awd or full-time 4wd.

    If you still want that, I'd get a Subaru.


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