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  • fordfan_17 05/14/08 8:42 am PST

    based on your descriptions I would point you at the fuel regulator valve if its bad it will dump all fuel back to the tank and it will be located on the fuel rail close to the schrader valve you are checking for fuel pressure at its a small round cylinder object on the fuel rail assembly or close to fuel line inlet to fuel rail

  • MrShift@Edmunds 05/14/08 12:21 pm PST

    What year/engine?

  • mommie_of_2_08 05/14/08 2:00 pm PST

    its a 1990 v8 4.5 liter

    Ok, so if i was to go and check that out myself, is there anywhere to get a diagram on the internet to know what i looking for?

    would there be a diagram?

    Do you know of anywhere on the internet i could find a diagram so i would know what i am looking for under the hood??? i only sent a new question because i am not sure if you get the ones when i post something under your question...?


  • MrShift@Edmunds 05/14/08 5:44 pm PST

    Here are a variety of fuel pressure regulators so that you can get an idea of what yours might look like:


  • sean_tb 01/02/11 9:23 pm PST

    my car has the same problem just want to know if u fixed it and what was the problem


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