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  • MrShift@Edmunds 06/03/08 1:11 pm PST

    If you have the 13" wheel it would be easier to just try it on the car then attempt to dig out this bit of obscure information.

    If you don't have access to the 13" wheel as yet, you might give a call to the people at www.tirerack.com

    Basically your two problems are a) bolt pattern and b) clearance under the car.

  • dano84 07/13/08 9:30 pm PST

    The 13 in. wheel will fit, the problem is that on the older 12 in. wheels the lug bolts are 10mm/1.00 and the lug nut o.d. is under sized for the hole in the 13 in wheel. The 12 in. nuts will hold the wheel on but I wouldn't feel safe with this mix. What we need to find are 13in size o.d. nuts which are 12mm/1.25 thread, instead with the 10mm/1.00 thread that the 12 in. wheels have. Hope this helps. Dan


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